Palestinian groups to respect #Gaza truce as long as #Israel does

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Palestinian groups to respect #Gaza truce as long as #Israel does

Factions in the besieged Gaza Strip say they have agreed to an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire to end flare-up of violence

Palestinian groups in the besieged Gaza Strip say they have agreed to an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire with Israel to end the worst violence between the two sides in years

Al Jazeera’s Harry Fawcett, reporting from Nahal-Oz near the Gaza-Israel fence, said Hamas-led factions on Tuesday accepted the truce to restart the situation that prevailed up until this latest military escalation

Hamas is the group administering the besieged Gaza Strip

Fawcett added: The Israelis do not confirm or deny such things, but Israeli media are reporting, citing an unnamed official, that Palestinian factions tried through four separate mediators to request a ceasefire

A statement by Palestinian groups in Gaza said: « Egypt’s efforts have been able to achieve a ceasefire between the resistance and the Zionist enemy

The resistance will respect this declaration as long as the Zionist enemy respects it

The announcement set off celebrations in Gaza City with hundrerds of Palestinians taking to the streets to declare victory

Earlier, senior Hamas official Ismail Haniya said that the Palestinian group was prepared to return to a ceasefire agreement if Israel « stops its aggression » on the Gaza Strip

Should the Occupation [Israel] stop its aggression a return to the ceasefire understandings will be possible, Haniya said in a statement.

Israel provoked the Palestinians

At least seven Palestinians have been killed in Israeli attacks on the coastal enclave since Monday, in the worst violence between the two sides since the 2014 war

The latest escalation erupted late on Sunday when Israel launched a botched raid in Gaza that killed seven other Palestinians and one of its commanders

Hamas and other armed factions on Monday fired over 400 rockets or mortar bombs at Israel, with Israel responding with dozens of air raids

The Palestinian Shehab news agency reported that civilian buildings, the Al-Aqsa TV channel and the Al-Amal hotel were all targeted by Israeli strikes

Turkey criticised Israel’s response to the rocket fire, with Ibrahim Kalin, a spokesman for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, calling the strikes « brutal » and illegal, state news agency Anadolu said

The German Foreign Office also condemned Israel’s air strikes, saying: There can be no justification for this violence against innocent civilians

Meanwhile, the Palestine Liberation Organisation said Israel was solely responsible for the surge in fighting. In a statement, it called on the international community to protect citizens in Gaza

Mohammad Oweis, a Palestinian-American political analyst, told Al Jazeera that the ceasefire would only hold as long as the Israelis do not provoke the Palestinians

The Israelis provoked the Palestinians into this latest round of fighting. They are the ones who need to stop

They seem to have learnt from Donald Trump that by provoking people, attacking them verbally and physically, [can] change facts and the reality on the ground

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